Rental Services

Do you need temporary furniture, internal walls or partitions? Contact us for a rapid solution. Our ready-to-deliver products include furniture for both work and event purposes, and Finnish-made ecological Punkalive components to construct internal walls and partitions.

We provide rental solutions for all your various needs. Our furniture, internal walls and partitions can be rented flexibly for just one day, or for as long as you like! Products in our warehouse are ready to deliver: with Finnish-made ecological Punkalive components, we can easily offer you a ready-made solution on internal walls, partitions, desks and counters. When you need to divide, enclose, cover or protect your premises, we can provide modular partition walls rapidly to meet your needs. We also rent desks and chairs for work stations. Do you need a complete interior for your event or work station? We deliver!

Our rental services meet your needs rapidly – if necessary, we reply and send off within two hours of your order!